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  • TheBuildersOfNinjago

    He sat alone at the end of the bar, hunched over Scotch and cigarette butts. His attire was professional and polished, a sharp contrast to the dullness in his eyes. They were the weary, dying eyes of one who has made one too many mistakes. Irresponsibility and reckless decisions had turned years of his life and thousands of dollars spent on education into the poorest of investments.

    “Bartender, another drink for my friend here,” called out a fellow sitting nearby.

    That’s funny, thought the dull-eyed man, I could have sworn I was alone here at the end of the bar.

    “Do I know you?” he asked the newcomer.

    “Most certainly not,” came the reply. “But I know you. Perhaps better than you know yourself. William, do you believe in second chances?”

    “How do …

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  • TheBuildersOfNinjago

    Shane sighed. Ever since natural gas reserves dried up, electrical expenses surged drastically.

    With electricity at fifty one dollars per kilowatt, and gas at eighty seven dollars per gallon, all electrical entertainment was forgon. In light of this electricity crisis, NASA set in motion the ambitious Project Lux. They sent a convoy of solar panels into low orbit to collect solar energy in order to transmit the energy back to earth. The enterprise failed horribly. Of the 64 satellites hurled into space, only 13 successfully transmitted energy back to earth. Two years later, those 13 satellites failed as well. Billions of dollars in equipment were wasted, but even more costly was the immense amount of energy wasted to propel the satellites i…

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