Theo Emerson Edit

LieutenantTheo Emerson is a 35 year old C.O.D Liason to the Nexus Force He has some experience in combating the Maelstrom, as a soldier for the Nexus force. He now mostly keeps his cousins in check.

Time on Earth Edit

Theo was born in Germany in the 1930's, in a Jewish family, with is Mother Yetta Emerson and father Jakob Emerson, before the Nazi government forced them into Auschwitz camp, where he was brutally tortured into his childhood. However, in the year 1943, a C.O.D unit saved his family by bringing them to the year 1988 on Chanora. By this time, however, his father was already dead, and his mother and sister severely scarred.

Years as an Immigrant Edit

When growing up on Chanora, Theo ran into several issues. Despite how advanced the planet was, his lack of language skills with his new language, and his status as a refugee child meant he would be bullied throughout his school years. By the time he reached high school, however, he had been relatively integrated into the culture of Chanora.

Joining the COD Edit

At age 14, instead of going to a normal school, he made the choice to go to a COD academy, graduating to a basic field position at age 18, meaning he would be put into reserve and advanced training for Military Division. However, when he reached 19, he was claimed by a subset of Military Division to be a future stability operative, tasked with eliminating threats to the stability of reality.

COD Career Edit

When he went into service around age 18, he was assigned to maintain peace on Ramiara after a rather dirty revolution, and almost immediately went through combat, much to his surprise. The constant fire of weapons at first terrified his younger self, before getting used to it. Not comfortable, just used to. Eventually, he was promoted to the rank of Sergeant, and given a squad at age 19, which he led on several operations. Time and several promotions later, he reached the rank of Lieutenant and took a role as a stability field operative at age 25, just a month before his sister married James Walters. At this point, James technically outranked him, and was told to assign him to a Nexus Force position. When he went into service as a Nexus Force Liaison, he was unfortunate enough to experience a...rather disturbing wartime scenario.